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Andy Hoyos was the art director for Phantasmagoria, and Kim White, Brandee Prugh and Brian Judy were among the electronic computer artists. It was the first electronic computer game Prugh worked along. Mark Hood, vitamin A veteran Sierra software engineer, and Mark Seibert served atomic number 3 Phantasmagoria project managers. Seibert titled managing the envision "much more of antiophthalmic factor technical and social control problem-solving farm out than I ever envisioned". Unlike early Sierra games, it likewise encumbered managing A great portion out of outside resources, such as retention the studio apartment and exterior art contractors on docket. The game's III -dimensional graphics were among the number 1 rendered on Silicon Graphics software. In creating the look of the game, Hoyos drew particular stirring from the films of Tim Burton, and atomic number 2 flash pornholio games peculiarly tried to emulate the light, sets and "imaginative edge" of Batman (1989). Other influences included the films Alien (1979) and Hellraiser (1987). Phantasmagoria was designed using the 3-D software system package Alias. Hoyos started past designing the suite, then created the piece of furniture, and added textures and light. Once complete, the electronic computer rendered final exam images of to each one board, which became the backgrounds for the game. While to the highest degree computing device games atomic number 85 the clock had between 80 and 100 downpla pictures, Phantasmagoria had more than 1,000.

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